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Niki Lauda made an inauspicious Formula One debut at the Osterreichring in 1971 and arranged to buy himself a March Formula One ride for 1972. However, for 1973 he was offered the third BRM. He attracted the attention of Ferrari. By 1974 Niki was with the Italian team and did much to restore their fortunes with 2 wins.

In 1975, Niki dominated, putting Ferrari back on top. His championship year included wins in Monaco, Belgium and Sweden. In 1976, it looked certain that he would win back-to-back titles as he won four of the first six races, but, at the Nurburgring, he crashed and his car burst into flames. Incredibly, he came back, scarred, at Monza, where he turned in a heroic drive to fourth. He lost the title by a point.

In 1977, Niki won at Kyalami. Further wins in Holland and Germany gave him his title back. He quit at the end of 1979, but he was back in 1982, winning twice for McLaren. He overcame team-mate Alain Prost in 1984 to win his last championship by a half-point ahead.



  • Name : Andreas Nikolaus Lauda
  • Birthplace : Vienna, Austria
  • Nationality : Austrian
  • Teams : March, BRM, Ferrari, Brabham, McLaren
  • Website : -
  • F1 Records : 24 pole positions, 25 wins, 3 championships