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Alain Prost bypassed Formula Two to make his Formula One debut in Argentina in 1980. His car was not one of the quick ones of the time, but he claimed a point for sixth. Fifth place followed in Brazil. Renault team signed him in 1981. He get three wins and finished fifth overall. In 1983, he finished second, just two points behind Nelson Piquet.

In 1984, he rejoined McLaren and won the title by half a point. He won it again in 1986. He spent three more years with McLaren, winning his third title in 1989 after a fractious time with Senna at Suzuka. In 1990, Alain raced for Ferrari and finished second overall behind Senna after another clash at Suzuka.

Alain didn't drive in 1992 but the lure of racing was too much and he returned for Williams in 1993. An incredible year yielded seven wins and his fourth title.



  • Name : Alain Marie Pascal Prost
  • Birthplace : Lorette, France
  • Nationality : French
  • Teams : Ferrari, McLaren, Renault, Williams
  • Website : -
  • F1 Records : 33 pole positions, 51 wins, 4 championships